Holland photos online

I've put up the photos from our trip to Holland. There's heaps there. Some still need captions but it's mostly done. It's such a big effort processing that many photos even with all help you get from Gimp. Glad it's done!

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Red eye be gone

I'm sure we've all seen the red eye effect in flash photos. You know, when some or all of the people in a photo look like demon spawn from hell.

Lately I've been processing a lot of digital photos with Gimp and have had to deal with the red eye problem. There's a number of tutorials out there that instruct you how to use Gimp to manually remove red eye. I'm sure the techniques are valid but they all take a long time and require more Gimp skillz than I possess.

The best way I've found to exorcise the demons is schumaml's Gimp extension redeye.c. Compile and install it using gimptool. You just need to roughly select the problem eyes with say the rectangle tool and then select Filters:Misc:Auto Rede Eye Remover. There's also a manual option for when tweaking is required, but I haven't found it necessary. The results are great and are quickly achieved.

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