As requested by a few people at the last London Python meeting, I've added a button for the Atom feed for I've also cleaned up the sidebar, added a link to the announce site and fixed a few other minor problems.

Please let know if you see any breakage or would like something changed.

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Filters ate my Blogger comment notifications

I've been missing people's comments on my blog because the spam filter (my employer) in front of my mailbox was blocking the notifications. Turns out that Blogger sends from an address which doesn't exist. This gets caught by Sender Address Verification, which we have turned on. I've whitelisted the address now, so notifications should get through.

For anyone who's interested, the notification emails come from

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ssh-agent-applet 0.1

I've finally managed to do the first release of ssh-agent-applet. I've actually been using it for some time on my own PC but it needed a bit of love and documentation to make it easier to install.

From the README:

ssh-agent-applet is a Gnome applet that allows you to conveniently keep your ssh key(s) on external media. This means that if your computer is cracked or stolen, the attacker will not have a copy of private ssh key(s).
Using ssh-agent-applet, your keys are loaded into ssh-agent as soon as you insert your "key drive" into a USB port. The drive is automatically unmounted once the key loaded so you can remove it from the USB port immediately.

For developers, ssh-agent-applet is a reasonable example of how to write Gnome applets in Python and how to interface with HAL from Python using DBUS. The HAL/DBUS interactions are non-trivial and go beyond what most documentation covers. It took a fair amount of experimentation to get some of this stuff working. Hopefully the applet or at least its' code is of use to other people.

Downloads can be found on my Code page.

The next thing to do is organise a better build/install system, probably using autoconf. As discussed previously, the current system is a little fragile.

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Snow in London

Today is the first time I've seen proper snow in London. Apparently it's been going since 3am and it's still coming down quite heavily now.

Here's what it looked like out our living room window when I got up this morning. (click for a larger version)

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Would you leave your bike here?

This is a set of bike racks not far from our place in Putney. Note the large number of broken locks and bike bits. Would you leave your bike here?

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Back from the snow

I'm back from an awesome 2 weeks of snowboarding in France and Austria. I'm somewhat weary in body and mind and have tons to catch up on, but boy was it worth it. Despite snowfall being way below what it should be this year, conditions were still quite good for the most part. My snowboarding has improved a lot too thanks in no small part to the crew at Alliance Snowboarding. I definitely want to go again next season (if global warming permits).

Photos to come...

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