Photos from our trip to Spain

Susanna and I finally got around to posting our photos from our trip to the Basque region of Spain in May this year.

The photos from our more recent adventure in Eastern Europe are still to come. Hopefully we can get those sorted out in a lot less than 4 months...

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Chuck and Larry, just don't

I saw an advance screening of Adam Sandler's new movie "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" last night. It is a truly terrible piece of work. Do yourself a favour and don't see it. Thankfully my tickets were free.

I actually like most of Adam Sandler's films but this one is highly disappointing. I tried hard to like it but the lame script, forced attempts humour and groan-worthy sterotyping really let it down. Awful.

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Converted to PyBlosxom

I've converted the blog part of this site to use PyBlosxom. It used to be powered by Blogger using their FTP-upload-to-your-own-host feature but I found various parts of the Blogger system to be inflexible and buggy.

PyBlosxom is an old-school CGI requires a certain amount of expertise to get set up but it's solid and has a very powerful plugin system. Most of the features on this page from the archive list to the tag list are provided via plugins. Because PyBlosxom is written in Python it's easy to extend, tweak or write new plugins.

I'm not completely happy with the styling of the pages but it will do for now. I also need to import the comments from the old blog. Please let me know if you see any problems.

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