Resolver One 1.0 Released

As mentioned by several others, Resolver One 1.0 was released on Wednesday!

For those of you who don't know, Resolver One is a unique spreadsheet application written in IronPython, that allows you to easily add functionality using the Python language. The entire spreadsheet is represented as a IronPython program which can be eyeballed and extended. Changes to the spreadsheet grid are reflected in the Python code and changes to the code are reflected on the spreadsheet grid. It's really neat. Resolver is great for people who want to develop complex spreadsheets in a clean, powerful and testable way. It's also useful (and fun!) for programmers when prototyping.

One of the Resolver developers Andrzej, has written a nice article describing 5 Reasons To Try Resolver One. Of course there are more than just 5 reasons :) If you do try out Resolver One, make sure to check out the Resolver Hacks site too.

The 1.0 release of Resolver One is the result of over 2 years of work. Having joined the team very recently I've only been part of the very last bit of that. One thing I've found really interesting is the time leading up to the release date. Compared to other commercial software projects I've worked on the atmosphere felt under-control and (almost) relaxed. It seems that the XP development practices used by the development team are really paying off. No horrible integration issues right before the release, no unexpected bugs on release day, no huge schedule blow-outs. Such a nice difference.

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Google Maps + TFL + tube map mashup

I stumbled across TubeJP today and was seriously impressed. It's a Google Maps mashup that overlays London tube routes and bus stops over the map of London. Hovering over a stop or station shows the buses that stop there. A handy sidebar shows the current live status of the tube lines.

The journey query interface is really cool. You enter your starting point and destination and the trip options and times (using different modes of transport) are shown in the sidebar. You can click on each variant to see the specifics of the route.

The site will be incredibly useful for planning a trip in London. I think I'll be using it regularly.

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NYC Encounters

Susanna and I spent the Christmas and New Year period in New York City staying with the the wonderful Libby and Phillip. Libby is a long time friend of Susanna's from New Zealand who's been studying in NYC for many years now.

On one of our first mornings in NYC we were walking out the door of Good Enough to Eat after a delicious brunch when I hear "Menno?". By freak coincidence Seth Vidal and his partner in crime Eunice were walking in the door at the same time as we were leaving. Seth and I used to work together a lot on the Yum project. I don't live in NYC and neither does he, but some how we end up at the same place in a huge city at the same time. A super weird but pleasant surprise. Seth describes the incident on his blog.

The remainer of our visit didn't offer any more strange co-incidences but we had excellent fun. I caught up with Rohan, Susan and Jon one afternoon which was awesome. Thanks Rohan for showing us some sights (McSorely's is a must-do experience).

As always, photos to come...

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Announcing IMAPClient 0.4

I've just released IMAPClient 0.4. Changes are:

Many thanks to Helder Guerreiro for contributing patches for some of the features in this release.

IMAPClient can be installed from PyPI using easy_install IMAPClient or downloaded from my Code page. As always, feedback and patches are most welcome

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