TypeError: object.__init__() takes no parameters

At my employer we are in the process of migrating from Python 2.4 to 2.6. When running some existing code under Python 2.6 we started getting DeprecationWarnings about "object.__new__() takes no parameters" and "object.__init__() takes no parameters".

A simple example that triggers the warning:

class MyClass(object):

    def __new__(cls, a, b):
        print 'MyClass.__new__', a, b
        return super(MyClass, cls).__new__(cls, a, b)

    def __init__(self, a, b):
        print 'MyClass.__init__', a, b
        super(MyClass, self).__init__(a, b)

obj = MyClass(6, 7)

This gives:

$ python2.4 simple-warning.py
MyClass.__new__ 6 7
MyClass.__init__ 6 7

$ python2.6 simple-warning.py
MyClass.__new__ 6 7
simple-warning.py:5: DeprecationWarning: object.__new__() takes no parameters
  return super(MyClass, cls).__new__(cls, a, b)
MyClass.__init__ 6 7
simple-warning.py:9: DeprecationWarning: object.__init__() takes no parameters
  super(MyClass, self).__init__(a, b)

It turns out that a change to Python for 2.6 (and 3) means that object.__new__ and object.__init__ no longer take arguments - a TypeError is raised when arguments are passed. To avoid breaking too much pre-existing code, there is a special case that will cause a DeprecationWarning instead of TypeError if both __init__ and __new__ are overridden. This is the case we were running into with our code at work.

The reason for this change seems to make enough sense: object doesn't do anything with arguments to __init__ and __new__ so it shouldn't accept them. Raising an error when arguments are passed highlights code where the code might be doing the wrong thing.

Unfortunately this change also breaks Python's multiple inheritance in a fairly serious way when cooperative super calls are used. Looking at the ticket for this change, this issue was thought about but perhaps the implications were not fully understood. Given that using super with multiple inheritance is common and "correct" practice, it would seem that this change to Python is a step backwards.


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rst_break plugin for PyBlosxom

I just scratched an itch by writing a small plugin for PyBlosxom that allows the rst (reStructured Text) and readmore plugins to work together [1]. It defines a reST "break" directive which gets transformed into the breakpoint string the readmore plugin looks out for. This allows for "Read more..." breaks to be inserted in for reST based articles.

For further information see the Code page here and at the top of the plugin itself.

[1]Yes, the audience for this plugin is probably tiny!

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IMAPClient 0.5.2

IMAPClient 0.5.2 has just been released. This release fixes 2 bugs (#28 and #33). Much thanks to Fergal Daly and Mark Eichin for reporting these bugs.

Install from the tarball or zip or upgrade using easy_install or pip.

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A little thing about cron

Here's something I just learned the hard way.

If you edit a crontab with "crontab -e", cron won't reload the updated crontab immediately. Changes will be read at 1 second past the next minute boundary. For example, if you change the crontab at 10:54:32, cron will reload it at 10:55:01. This means if you're trying to test how something runs under cron and you're impatient so you set that thing to run at the next minute, you won't see it run!

I spent a good half hour chasing my tail on this one. Set the test entry to run 2 minutes ahead instead.

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