Domain renewal scam

Domain Renewal Group letter

My domain is up for renewal soon and I recently received a very official looking letter from a company called Domain Renewal Group. On the surface it looks like a renewal notice from my registrar but if you read more closely mention that the letter "isn't an invoice" and that if you return the form and pay them you'd be transferring the domain from your current registrar to them. Never mind that the price they're asking is almost 5 times higher than what my actual register wants for an annual renewal.

I bet this catches plenty of people out - that's what their business model depends on. Bottom feeding scum.

Plenty of others have blogged about these guys as well, but I thought I'd add my voice. As more people learn about these kinds of scams they become less effective.

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IMAPClient 0.7 released

The next version of IMAPClient was quietly released on the weekend. I've been pretty busy so I'm just getting to telling the world about it now.

This release is earlier then planned because IMAPClient is featured in the IMAP chapter of Brandon Rhodes' new edition of the book Foundations of Python Network Programming. Brandon had made several bug reports and feature requests while working on the book and some of the examples in the book relied on unreleased changes to IMAPClient. IMAPClient 0.7 works with book's examples.

What this does mean is that IMAPClient 0.7 doesn't have Python 3 support. I have been making headway with this however and with a little luck and a little more time, 0.8 should be Python 3 compatible.

Highlights for 0.7:

The NEWS document has more details on all the above.

Proper documentation is also on its way. I've been slowly making headway with Sphinx based documentation.

As always, IMAPClient can be installed from PyPI (pip install imapclient) or downloaded from the IMAPClient site.

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