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I've posted heaps of photos over the last week. Here's the summary.

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Google Maps + TFL + tube map mashup

I stumbled across TubeJP today and was seriously impressed. It's a Google Maps mashup that overlays London tube routes and bus stops over the map of London. Hovering over a stop or station shows the buses that stop there. A handy sidebar shows the current live status of the tube lines.

The journey query interface is really cool. You enter your starting point and destination and the trip options and times (using different modes of transport) are shown in the sidebar. You can click on each variant to see the specifics of the route.

The site will be incredibly useful for planning a trip in London. I think I'll be using it regularly.

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London Marathon 2007

I've just put up a few pictures from the London Marathon last weekend (click the image for more). We watched it last year because one of Susanna's friends (Lou) was running. Now that we live in SE1 the race goes right past our front door with the 12 mile mark being 100 metres down the road.

We managed to catch the elite men coming past. They move at a truly amazing pace; I can't believe they can keep that up for 42kms. Although they're probably used to it, the large number of motor vehicles bristling with equipment and media surrounding the leading pack must be at least a little distracting.

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Traffic @ the Arches / Earplugs

We checked out the Traffic drum and bass party at the Arches on Friday night. I'm not a drum and bass aficionado but the music in the main room seemed pretty damn good to me. TeeBee was a real highlight DJ-wise. MCGQ was easily the best MC that we saw. The second room was a little to messy and "jungley" for me but other people seemed to like it.

The crowd was humourous to study. Aboutt 90% of the punters were young, slightly nerdy guys. Hoodies were definitely the thing to wear.

We had a lot of fun and that fact that we could walk home was a big plus.

The night was also good opportunity to try out some earplugs that we'd all bought. DnB nights are traditionally L-O-U-D and this event was no exception. One of our flatmates had tracked down some musician's earplugs from a Dutch company called Alpine. They come with 2 pairs of changeable filters. One set provides greater attenuation than the others. The earplugs turned out to be quite comfortable and seemed to take down the volume fairly evenly at all frequencies. After a while you forget that they're even there. I found that the purple "regular" attenuation filters suited me the best. The yellow high attenuation filters reduced the volume too much for my liking.

There was a welcome lack of ringing in our ears when we left to go home. I'd highly recommend these sort of ear plugs to anyone who goes clubbing regularly. They would probably be suitable for club DJs too. They only cost 15 pounds so there's no excuse for not trying them out. I wish I'd bought a set years ago.

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Rant: moving house

We moved from Putney to London Bridge recently. Moving house is never pleasant but this time it was especially unfun. Some highlights:

All in all the moving process has been pretty awful. BT and the estate agents really let us down despite us doing all the right things.

Despite all of the above, we're happy to be in the new flat. The location is excellent, it's a bigger place and we've got some great short-term housemates. Just a few more battles to get through...

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As requested by a few people at the last London Python meeting, I've added a button for the Atom feed for I've also cleaned up the sidebar, added a link to the announce site and fixed a few other minor problems.

Please let know if you see any breakage or would like something changed.

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Snow in London

Today is the first time I've seen proper snow in London. Apparently it's been going since 3am and it's still coming down quite heavily now.

Here's what it looked like out our living room window when I got up this morning. (click for a larger version)

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Would you leave your bike here?

This is a set of bike racks not far from our place in Putney. Note the large number of broken locks and bike bits. Would you leave your bike here?

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