Slides online for Python on the Openmoko Neo Freerunner

PyCon UK was fantastic. Many thanks to the organisers for such a great event.

As promised at the end of the talk, I've just put the slides and code online for my Python on Openmoko presentation. I'm hoping this stuff is useful to anyone looking to develop Python apps for Openmoko phone.

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PyCon UK 2008

PyCon UK 2008 is approaching fast. If you're a Python programmer in the UK (or are just Py-curious) then you really should be going. The talk schedule looks hugely exciting and the in-the-hallways and at-the-pub action will undoubtably be fun and engaging. I guarantee you'll learn something about Python and come away feeling inspired.

Disclaimer: I'm presenting :) I'll be doing a talk on Python on the Openmoko Freerunner as well as helping out Michael and Christian with a 4 hour tutorial: Developing with IronPython

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Neo Freerunner: first impressions

I finally got my hands on my Neo Freerunner two weeks ago and have been playing with it when time allows (so much so that I haven't given myself time to blog about it).

Overall, the hardware is great. The first thing you notice is that the unit feels very solid and the quality of the display is excellent; bright and high resolution. I've had success with wifi, GPS, the SD card slot and basic GSM usage. I haven't had a change to try out the accelerometers yet, mainly due to a (surprising) lack of software that uses them.


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